We’re seeing a rise of tattoos being removed in Melbourne

A study by McCrindle Research in 2013 found that 34% of tattooed Australians regretted their tattoos. Of that 34%, 1 in 7 wanted the tattoos removed. Reasons varied: some wanted to set an example for their kids, others wanted to get a job with a strict dress code, while others had simply outgrown the design, and felt it was no longer meaningful to them.

Even if the design isn’t a name, tattoos can bring up painful memories when a relationship ends. For some, their tattoo is a symbol of a past they want to leave behind, like a gang or a hate group. Whatever your tattoo and whatever your reasons, Ink Anxiety is a safe and friendly environment where you can get your tattoo removed.

The tattoo removal industry grew by around 4% from 2011 to 2015. That means many practitioners are out there with new technology but without experience. To remove your tattoo painlessly and efficiently, you need seasoned professionals, using peer-reviewed technology. In Victoria, your practitioner is required to have a certificate in laser safety, so make sure to check their credentials before booking that appointment.

Changing Skin, Changing Lives, for Melburnians who Want their Tattoos Removed

Ink Anxiety was founded to bring the best tattoo removal services to Melbourne’s suburbs. Before us, the nearest removal clinic to the north-eastern suburbs was in the city’s central business district. We believe you shouldn’t have to go out of state or travel far for the best care. Our clinic is home to the Quanta Q Plus EVO. Newer lasers may yet surpass the Q-switch system, but you need proof, not a prototype. The system can treat all ink colours, but red and black respond most to laser treatment, yellow and white the least. While we can’t guarantee to remove all white and yellow ink, it does happen. Our lasers break up the ink into tiny pieces, which are absorbed by your lymphatic system. The ink leaves your body safely and naturally, via excretion.

We have a flexible payment system. At your first consultation, we’ll quote you a price per session. The number of sessions you’ll need depends on where the tattoo is, the ink used, and the depth. The older the tattoo is, the easier it is for us to remove but a surface area greater than 30 square centimetres will obviously take longer. A professionally tattooed design will take more sessions than an amateur one. Find out more by browsing our website or by sending an email to our team at hello@inkanxiety.com.au.

Ink Anxiety Makes Tattoo Removal Less Painful

At Ink Anxiety we aim the laser at your tattoo in six nanosecond bursts. This allows the laser to break up the ink with minimal damage to your skin. At the same time, we cool down the area with the Zimmer Cryo 6 Air Cooling System. Our clients have described the pain as no worse than the pain of tattooing. We take care of your skin before, during, and after the laser treatment. We love the results of our work; our clients leave with a renewed sense of confidence and a fresh start to look forward to.


Tips on Choosing a Tattoo Removal Clinic in Melbourne

Tips on Choosing a Tattoo Removal Clinic in Melbourne

We Want You To Get The Best Tattoo Removal Care In Melbourne Laser treatment is the best course of treatment for removing your tattoo. You deserve to get your tattoo removed effectively in a relaxed and safe environment, with care from a friendly professional that...

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