There are many reasons why you may be considering removing a tattoo. Perhaps it didn’t quite work out the way you wanted it to. Perhaps the artwork isn’t very good. Maybe you’ve changed your mind about having tattoos completely or perhaps you want to remove an old tattoo and cover it up with something new and different. If you want to remove your body art, laser tattoo removal is not only the safest and most effective way to do so, but it’s also the option of choice for most people. We take a look at why you should consider having your tattoos removed with a laser.

Laser removal maintains the integrity of the surrounding skin

In the past, a skin graft was the only option for removing tattoos. This was not only an extremely invasive procedure, but it caused scarring to the surrounding skin. Today, sophisticated lasers can remove tattoos without affecting the skin bordering the inkwork. This is because the lasers target the tattoo inks and break them up into tiny particles with minimal damage to the surrounding skin. The shattered particles are naturally removed by your immune system and flushed out of your body. While you may need several treatments to fully remove the ink pigment from the epidermis, the skin surrounding your tattoo will be left untouched.

Treatments may take just a few minutes

The length of time it will take to remove your tattoo is dependent on several things: the size, age and position of the artwork, the type and depth of the ink and your overall health and wellbeing. However, generally, the procedure is very fast, and for small tattoos, each treatment may only take a few minutes. However, be aware that larger tattoos will take longer to remove and may require multiple treatments to remove them completely. Usually, a professional tattoo will need about 6-10 sessions for complete removal while amateur tattoos can be removed with just 1-3 sessions.

At Ink Anxiety, we’ve invested in the best laser technology for our laser removal clinic.Our Ruby Laser delivers a true 694nm wavelength which makes complete removal 100% achievable in most cases.

Some colours are easier to remove than others

Some colours of tattoo inks are much easier to remove than others. Colours such as black, dark blue, brown and red respond more quickly to treatment while some other colours, particularly yellow and white ink are a little more stubborn. Our lasers can treat a wide spectrum of ink colours including black, purple, red, orange, yellow and even the most persistent blue and green inks.

Always use a reputable laser tattoo removal specialist

We cannot stress enough how important it is to go to an experienced and reputable laser tattoo removal specialist. At Ink Anxiety, we use the Quanta Q Plus EVO, a Q-switch laser which is the safest way to perform tattoo removal quickly without leaving scarring. 

To find out more about our laser tattoo removal treatments, simply book a consultation.


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