Melbourne is well known for its scorching summer heat, where we love getting out in the sun enjoying good times with family and friends. For many during these times however, protecting our skin is not as important as a cold beer and a good time. Protecting yourself from UV rays is especially important not just for our long-term health but through any laser tattoo removal treatment.

For some of us, achieving a tan over summer is of high importance (although we know there is nothing healthy about a tan) but having a tan is especially unfavourable for tattoo removal. The more your skin is exposed to sunlight, the more melanin is produced in the skin, thus causing it to either tan or burn if overexposed. Higher melanin increases the chance of hyper/hypopigmentation during tattoo removal which can lead to scarring. The technician needs to perform a correct assessment of your natural skin colour pre-sun exposure. Fake tanning can also hinder this process.

After your treatment it is important to avoid as much sun exposure as possible to the treatment area. We are not saying walk around in an Ian Thorpe style swimsuit but to keep the treatment area covered.

Tattoo removal can be a wonderful experience where your unwanted tattoo can be successfully removed without any scarring. Avoiding the sun and doing the right things is essential to achieving a great result.

You are not a snake, you only get one layer of skin so treat it like your favourite T-shirt.


Tips on Choosing a Tattoo Removal Clinic in Melbourne

Tips on Choosing a Tattoo Removal Clinic in Melbourne

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